Barcelona city, Spain

barcelona city, spain

Brief history of Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain; it has a population of more than 1,620,943. The extended urban area has a population of more than 4.5 million. History has it that the city was founded by Hercules; another legend says that the city was attributed by Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal and named the city Barcino on his family name in the 3rd century BC. The Romans came in at 15 BC, and the city witnessed many conquerors and civil wars in the years after. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with mild and humid winters and warm and dry summers.

Why visit Barcelona

Barcelona has a rich cultural history; you have to come to witness the extravagant cultural wonders the place offers. Today it is a great cultural, tourist destination. The things of cultural wonder are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi and that of Lluís Domènech I Montaner, which has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city hosted the Olympics and is a great home of Football, the Spanish national side and Barcelona FC is very popular worldwide, and you can visit the stadiums to feel the fanaticism. The city has also been host to many international sports tournaments and world class meetings.

Barcelona is a leading tourist spot and has great trade fairs, and exhibitions. The city is multi-cultural ethnicity and is a major influence in commerce, entertainment, education, fashion, media, science and arts. All the factors make the city truly global location it has also been ranked as one of the most successful cities as a brand.

Transportation is very easy in the city; it has a fine seaport and an International Airport that can cater 35 million passengers a year. The city has an extensive roadway system and a high speed rail line linked to France and other parts of Europe.

What not to miss in Barcelona

Barcelona has the most extraordinary buildings you want to see what Parc de la Ciutadella has to offer and also the Parc de Joan Miró, or the Montjuïc castle. You can also travel to the lesser known places of Horta or breathe in the appeal of the Sant Andreu district. Apart from the great architectural works of Gaudi and others. Don’t miss the musical events in the music venues like Apolo and Razzmatazz. The city has some great concert halls as well. The brilliantly decorated The Gran Teatre Del Liceu, L’Auditori, Palau de la Música Catalonia are wonderfully decorated theatres that add splendor to the city.

You can also attend some very popular music festivals like Primavera Sound, Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, Cruïlla, Sónar and others.

Don’t’ miss gorging on the delicious tapas, which have become an important part of Spanish culinary delight, also to be held are the pincho or pintxos along with vermouth.

Climb on Montjuïc Mountain for great views of the city. The city is also surrounded by oceans with blue waters, and you can indulge in the activities of sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

You can also visit the Picasso museum and the wax museum and other museums for a fun filled day out.

Accommodation in the nearby hotels of Barcelona city, Spain

The accommodation options of the city are varied with a wide range of hotels suited for every budget and need. There are options ranging from Star hotels to low cost ones. In fact, there are limitless options of accommodations in the city; there are also bungalows and private rooms available. You have all the options you can hope for like spas, diners, swimming pools and also bed and breakfast accommodations at cheap rates for your convenience. For budget travelers there are rooms for rent in residential areas where you can opt to stay as a paying guest and have food and accommodation at low cost.


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