Cayman Islands

History of the Cayman Islands

Located in the west of Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands lie in the British overseas territory with the population of around 70,000. It stretches across a total area of 102 sq mi., largely inhabited until the late 17th century; these islands were the settlement ground for a variety of inhabitants like the shipwrecked sailors, pirates, refugees of Spanish Inquisitions and slaves. As per the treaty of Madrid, the Cayman Islands along with Jamaica were brought under the British control in 1670. However, permanent settlement only began on the islands by 1730’s. In addition, by 1959, it started functioning as British Overseas Territory under self-governance after it became an independent colony.

Why Visit the Cayman Island

Located in the deepest part of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands comprise of a group of three tiny Islands encompassing the Cayman Trench namely The Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and The Cayman Brac. Out of them, The Little Cayman is a tiny island with a population as low as 150 people and is apt for those travelers who wish to enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere at the beach and also offers you the best wall dives of the world.

On the other hand, the Cayman Brac is a paradise for nature lovers as it offers the most breathtaking views from the island.

For those who wish to enjoy a cosmopolitan vibe, the Grand Cayman is the place for them as it offers you the best restaurants, bars and hotels. Those who are fond of seafood will never wish to leave the Cayman Islands as the place is awash with the best wine and cuisine. The islands exceptionally beautiful Seven Miles Beach is a must visit place on every traveler’s itinerary. It is like a Treasure Island to the photographers as one can see many people capturing the picturesque sights of Caribbean Island. Contests are also conducted frequently by some organizations to encourage the talent of the photographers where the underwater photography plays the vital role in the contest.

The best way to enjoy a holiday on the beach is to indulge in snorkeling or its world class diving and enjoy a relaxed spa amidst the corals and its exotic wildlife.


What Not To Miss in The Cayman Islands

The top most attraction of the place is the Stingray City, which is the home to a variety of stingrays that gather during a particular time. Plan a visit to the Pedro St. James castle that overlooks the Caribbean was constructed by William Eden in 1780 to commemorate the birth of democracy on the islands. A unique Caribbean attraction that every tourist would love is the Cayman Turtle farm that was built to share a great bond that the inhabitants share with the turtles. Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1994, the Grand Cayman Botanic Park is surely a place one would love to visit as it displays a variety of Caribbean architecture along with an exotic variety of flora and fauna. Among the places to visit on the island are the Motor museum in Cayman that boosts some of most classic, fabulous, rare and mind blowing motorbikes and motor cars of the time.


Great places to stay on the island

The best time to visit the islands is during the summers as hotels prices shoot up  during the peak winter time and can turn out to be quite expensive for the budget travelers. There are various resorts, cottages, villa and lodges available in the Cayman Islands. The seven-mile beach is the best place to stay but can turn out to be quite expensive for those who do not wish to shell out much money. There are places like Lacovia, Plantana, and Casa Caribe that are the most preferred place to stay, as they are closely located to the beaches.


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