Denali National Park, Alaska

Historical background of Denali National Park in Alaska

Alaska has been one of the fascinating destinations for tourists over a long period of time. Denali National Park is one of the biggest attractions in Alaska. It is the place where excitements and dangers are waiting for you that you can include into your superlative memory for a long time. The entire park encompasses more than 6 million acres of area. The park was established in the year 1917. It was named Mount McKinley national park. In 1976, President Jimmy Carter designated the park as an International biosphere reserve. Later in 1980, the Mt. McKinley national Park and Denali national Monument were incorporated and named Denali National park. Today it attracts more than 400,000 tourists from all over the world annually.

Why Visit Denali

Denali National Park houses the highest range and peak of America. It waits most beautiful landscapes that you have ever dreamt of. The wild life is the biggest opportunity to treasure some mind blowing life time experience for you in this life. The Alaska Range is one of the biggest prides that the native people have. The range is 600 miles long. The Denali National Park can be divided into two zones. Tundra and Taiga are the classified zones. The taiga zone is an ever green zone. It is filled with loads of trees around the Arctic Circle. But there is huge zone which is almost treeless. That zone is called tundra zone where trees are found rarely. Extensive mosses and various shrubs are found generally in tundra zone. It is important to be aware while hiking in the tundra zone as willow thickets might appear as major impediment. Grizzly bears, caribou, Dall sheep, moose and foxes are found generally throughout the forest which is a biggest attraction for the tourists. Few visitors might have the rare luck of getting a glimpse of black beer and wolverine. The frequent change in climate is another attraction. It changes without any warning. Visitors can expect, sun, cloud, rain and wind and all in a single day.

What Not To Miss in Alaska, Denali

The first and foremost thing you need to do while visiting a place with wild life is nothing but keeping your eyes open. Nobody knows how the natural beauty is going to be arrested to your eyes. Nature walks in its own path. The Denali National Park is not out of that. It features a huge opportunity to experience and explore few natural excellence and exciting wild lives. The main road of the park is stretched 91 miles into the interior that brings the opportunity to wild life road drive. It takes almost 13 hours that will become memorable forever. It features the best hiking opportunity along with wild life photography. The Horseshoe Lake and Nenana River might appear as an aid to the sight. There are few places that you would not like to miss or you should not miss are:

  • Husky Homestead
  • Sled Dog Demonstration
  • Mount McKinley
  • Denali Outdoor Center
  • Park Road
  • Mount Healy Overlook Trail
  • Wonder Lake
  • Rock Creek Trail
  • Mount Margaret
  • Denali Dinner Theater


Alaska, Denali, McKinley Park Accommodation

A huge range of hotel choice is available in Denali and McKinley Park. It is good enough to fall into the slot according to your budget. The hotel rent will depend on the selected location. Hotels near to the Park are apparently costlier than the interior ones. Most people like to stay near to the park as it provides few benefits. Easy access to transportation is one of the biggest reasons. The higher price may offer you luxury but the natural ambience is the biggest attraction, which is available in all accommodation categories. Staying inside the park can be a biggest addition to the experience diary.



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