Great Barrier Reef, Australia

About Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most remarkable natural gifts present in Australia. Visiting to that place can be extremely eye treating. It is one of the seven wonders present in this world. The Great Barrier Reef is blessed with breath taking beauty that might lead you towards a speechless journey easily. It is the largest coral reef system in this world. The Great Barrier Reef is composed of more than 2,900 reefs in individual and 900 islands. The Great Barrier Reef is located in Coral Sea where the coast is named accordingly the Queensland. The biological formation was done long ago. It was first found in the year 1522 on the east coast of Australia.

Why Visit

The Great Barrier Reef can be named easily the wonderland where eye dazzling beauty is being restored by nature with care. Visiting the place might bring you best opportunity to explore unseen nature. It will provide you both the opportunity to explore it from far distance and being a part of it. Different islands feature different specialty. Few islands have coral garden to visit for. It can be one of the eye arresting experiences in the Great Barrier Reef. Many islands do not have this facility. Most of the islands are teeming with marine life that opens the gateway to explore and completely different experience in life. The abundance of the marine life has created this amazing visual. As you are going to visit the Great Barrier Reef that does not mean you have to go for amazing view to treat your eyes all the time. It is filled with some other opportunity as well. The Great Barrier Reef treasures some of the most exciting beaches of the world. Nothing can be better than time for your own while relaxing on the beach sand along with nature. A sun bath with relaxing mind may appear as an aid to your holidays.

What Not To Miss

While you are exploring the natural beauty in the Great Barrier Reef you might not like to miss out any single opportunity to become amazed. There are four top ways to explore the Great Barrier Reef to bag best of experiences.

From the top: there is nothing in this world that can beat the visual of the Great Barrier Reef from a top angle. A copter ride over the reef area is something to die for. The entire sight of the reef from the top can make you eyes bursting out and speechless.

Deep sea diving: deep sea diving is always special that takes you to completely different world. When the place is Great Barrier Reef, it has to be more special and exciting. The Mission beach and Airlie beach arrange this exciting opportunity.

With the wind: you can up your anchor and sail with the wind to explore best of the Great Barrier Reef. You can have an overnight experience on as well.

Smelling rainforest: the Whitsunday national Park in Whitsunday Island is surely something that would not like to miss out. It features the Daintree Rainforest that is capable of uplifting the quality of the Great Barrier Reef experience.



The Great Barrier Reef is wide and full of opportunities. The accommodation will vary place to place. Hotels are available with wide price range. Good numbers of hotels are located within walking distance from the beach. It makes the natural treasure enjoying easy. Better accommodations are available in some of the islands of Great Barrier Reef. Nothing can dodge the experience of walking from the hotel to the beach and then to the reef. Many hotels and resorts are available on the Queensland coastline.



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