Milan city, Italy

il duomo

Historical background

Termed as Italy’s most fashionable attraction, the city of Milan holds many historic attractions as well. The history of Milan dates back to the time of 1st century BC, when Romans won it from their allay Carthage. In the late 17th century, the city of Milan was brought under the imperial dynasty of Hapsburg of the Austrian origin and finally came under the French rule after the French revolution in 1789. The city of Milan was finally reconstructed after a heavy bombing by the Allies in 1943. Since then the city has emerged the centre of commerce, trade, fashion, thriving artistic cultures for the entire Italy.


Why visit Milan?

About 30 miles south of the Alps, the beautiful city of Milan has a lot to offer to its tourists apart from its scenic beauty. Every year thousands of tourists all over the world visit Milan to visit its historical locations, shop in some of the oldest and the most fashionable malls and eat the typical Italian pasta. While visiting Milan, don’t forget to check out The Duomo – the Santa Maria cathedral; its construction began in the 1386 and ended after almost 500 years. This 4th largest church of the world is surely a place not to be missed due to its extravagant construction and architecture but you aren’t allowed to enter the church in shirts or tops. The view of entire Milan city from the top of The Duomo is surely breathtaking. You can even visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele that offers you some of the high end bars, restaurants and shops of Italy. This glass roofed arcade links the Duomo with a famous opera house named La Scala and is marked with beautiful mosaics of the cities of the United Italy.

What not to miss?

While visiting Milan, you surely need to visit the Santa Maria church where the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci is preserved depicting the melodramatic time when Jesus revealed that one of his disciples was going to betray him. This painting of the Renaissance marks you with shock, belief and faith of the religion followers. Your visit to the famous Castello Sforzesco is surely a one day trip as it consists of vast archives and 12 mini museums of the Paleolithic history. The famous highlights of the place include the world famous Museo d’Arte e Scienza beautifully depicting the life of Vinci and his patrons; Civiche Raccolte d’Arte Antica which is a breathtaking sculpture museum; Pinacoteca di Castello which displays some early works of Renaissance was originally established by Napoleon. In Milan you can also experience the pleasure of Venice – tour the ancient Scodellino Bridge and Darsena port. Constructed around 1603, it links Milan with Po and Ticino rivers and is now the world famous location for dining, shopping and travelling. You can surf through the city of Milan to bask in the roman beauty of the city and can even rummage through the flea markets of the “shopper’s paradise”.

By FiatLUX (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Accommodations in the city

Finding hotels in Italy can be tough and can surely empty your wallets. If you are planning a budget trip to Milano you can check out the agriturismo option where you get to stay at the large farmlands of families. Some are luxurious while a few are rustic depending on how much you pay them. Another off beaten accommodation in Milan can be in a monastery which are usually located in the heart of the city and are beautiful and extravagant. However, they are complete no drinking or smoking zone. Or the least you can do is to rent out a villa where you can even cook your own meal.


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