Pailon Del Diablo, Ecuador

History of the Ecuador, Bańos

Just a forty-minute drive from the small town of Banos City, Ecuador will take you to a majestic waterfall that goes by the name of Pailon Del Diablo. This gigantic waterfall is exceedingly attractive and allures millions of tourists every year from all over the world. It falls near the Banos city. Many tourists prefer to walk from the city to the waterfall. The town of Banos is forty minutes away from the waterfall and is located on the Pasta River. There is a suspension bridge near to the waterfall and a little amount is collected from the tourists so that they can walk over the bridge. The view of waterfall is heavenly from the bridge. Owing to the fact that the whole area is somewhat humid but in a pleasant way, tourists might get drenched with sweat.

Why visit Ecuador

The Pailon Del Diablo is a perfect waterfall and every person on this earth must witness this spectacular landmark. The value of the trip to Pailon Del Diablo will be well understood only at the time when one has reached the location. Banos city is well maintained and one can get all kinds of supplies from here that are required for the trip. The cities of Ecuador have been well planned and there are surfeit of hotels, restaurants as well as travel agencies based there. Thus, these travel agencies can be contacted in case of any emergencies. Most of the landmarks in the city are at a walking distance and henceforth, tourists choose to walk to these places instead of hiring a vehicle.

Something Cannot Be Missed In Ecuador

Many of us may think that waterfalls are very much similar. They may conclude that the water will fall from higher places and there is nothing more to it than what meets the eye. These people should visit Pailon Del Diablo in order to get the real experience of a natural waterfall. This place is quite popular among honeymoon couples. During nighttime, the weather is cold and during daytime, it is moderate. Moreover, people who are interested in researching about medical herbs can consider this place as a natural gift. It is because of the fact that there are several varieties of herbs found in the hilly areas. Pailon Del Diablo is a perfect example of a hill station. Moreover, zoologists are considering Pailon Del Diablo as a great treasure because of the varieties of insects that are found here. This will help them a lot in gaining knowledge for their profession. Thus, Pailon De Diablo serves people both from educational as well as entertainment aspect.

Great Support for Accommodation for the Tourists

Accommodations are available for the tourists in the vicinity of the waterfall or in the city of Banos. The government and private resorts provide perfect safety for the tourists and cleanliness is well maintained in those places. The city of Banos and the government control the activities around Pailon Del Diablo and the places nearby. The administration values the interests of the tourists. Tourist welfare happens to be one of the primary objectives of the government of Ecuador. The area around the waterfall is swarmed with mosquitoes and other insects. Strict medical precautions are taken to prevent unnecessary health care problems for the tourists. Henceforth, tourists have lots of options when it comes to booking the right hotel room and furthermore, then can also rent homes and stay with their family or friends. Every activity is well monitored by the administration for the benefit of the tourists.



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