Popeye Village, Malta

popeye village. malta

Historical background

It is also known as the Sweethaven village. It’s a group of rustic and dilapidated wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. Popeye village was built as a film set for the movie Popeye. Now it is opened to the common people as an open-air museum and entertainment complex for the family. In June 1979, the film set was started with 165 of the construction crew working over seven months and built the village that consist of nineteen authentic wooden buildings. Many logs and several thousand planks were used. A 200-250 foot breakwater was also built to protect the sets from high seas.


Why visit?

There are enormous water activities at the Anchor Bay. It contains a clear waterbody that is light blue and clears enough to see the ocean floor. The tourists are able to play and swim on the water park that includes two inflatable platforms and two trampolines that launch people into the water. The village can be enjoyed in a boat ride around the bay in an old styled boat. There is a house known as Rough House that has a large indoor as well as outdoor area for the guests to sit in and eat or drink. It is available with a deck and offers beautiful views of the sea.

There are plenty of seats available and the movie Popeye plays constantly. The place was actually the Café in the movie. One can visit Popeye’s cabin and meet the central character of the movie. It is a personal moment with Popeye listening to his stories and seeing the designed house is fun. The Nautical Schoolhouse takes the tourists to a different world. It teaches them how to tie knots, how to port and other information’s on sailing. There are several comic houses that have unique pictures of several Hollywood celebs who have visited over the years.


What not to miss?

Malta has beaches for everyone from sunbathers to windsurfers. One can choose to stay in inland seas, blue lagoons, red sand, rocks or golden sand. One can visit Anchor Bay that is famous for the Popeye Village. For more than three decades Popeye’s Sweethaven village occupies the slopes of Anchor Bay. One can visit the Blue Lagoon that shelters the sparkling blue waters of small inlet and it has appeared on screen many times. Boat trips are available from Malta to Comino. There is also St. Mary’s tower that is featured in the Count of Monte Cristo.

The Azure Window is one such place where the adventure lovers just cannot deny visiting. It is just 50 metres above the water with holes on the cliffs of Dwejra Bay. The rocks contain limestone coralline. Birzebbuga is growing small town in the south-east of Malta, it is a sea side resort. The shorelines touch St. George’s sandy beaches that are known as Pretty Bay. The Fort of St. Elmo is the star fort that forms a dual defense of the Grand Harbor with its dual across the waters of the Fort of St. Angelo. Nowadays, this place is used as a training point for the police and it is tough to visit this place.



There are plenty of comfortable accommodation options for visitors of Popeye Village in Malta ranging from luxurious hotels, well maintained houses, and economical cabins to hostels, guest houses and camping options. Keeping in mind the taste and preference of tourists, the accommodation providers have diverse options with multitude of customized tour packages that fits into every budget. There are places available everywhere and the staff is more than happy to help you with your room selections depending on the budget.


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