Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste is based within the premises of Tenorio Volcano National Park. The winds blowing through Rio Celeste crash through the rainforest and if you are planning to visit this place for a trip, then you are certainly up for lots of adventures in your way. In order to reach Rio Celeste, you will have to hike for over an hour and pass the secondary forest of the part first. Once you reach the Borbollones, you will notice two rivers merging and creating a beautiful confluence. This is the point where volcano meets the minerals that come from the river and as a result, a blue magnificent hue is created.

Rio Celeste is commonly referred to as one of the most spectacular rivers that flow through Costa Rica. It is basically located towards the Northern side of Costa Rica. The colour of the river is light blue owing to the confluence of calcium carbonate and sulphur. This is one of the reasons why thousands of locals as well as tourists from all around the world travel to this place to experience the wonders that Rio Celeste has in store for them.


Main attractions of Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste not only offers the blue spectacular hue which is a confluence of minerals and volcano, but additionally it also has many thermal hot springs along with a massive waterfall. These will all come in the way of your hiking path and the water will always appear colourful. Some tourists visit this place only to experience a dip in the pool that is based on the bottom of the waterfall. You would certainly love to soak yourself in one of the hot springs but stay wary of boiling mud pots and hot water. Furthermore, you will need to stay cautious especially when you are exploring the river banks with your friends or family. There have been instances where people have dived into the water very near to a boiling mud pot and have burnt their skin. Make sure you check the temperature and nature of the pool before you dive into it.


Accessibility of Rio Celeste

The best way to get to Rio Celeste is to take the path that goes through Guatuso. This place is almost an hours’ drive from the famous town of La Fortuna. Make sure you have all sorts of medical equipment when you come here as there can always be calamities in case if you do not stay cautious. Once you have reached Guatuso from La Fortuna, the hour-long hiking starts and this will eventually take you to Rio Celeste. Reaching the place is quite easy as you will easily be able to make out the right path that goes to the waterfall. If not, then you can always follow the crowd and they will lead you to your landmark. Henceforth, if you are planning a trip to Rio Celeste, then you will not have to worry about the accessibility of the place.


Accommodation near to Rio Celeste

If you are looking for a private lodge surrounded by forests with your own swimming pool, then it will certainly come for a cost. Hotels and lodges near to Rio Celeste come for a price tag for every class of tourists. Most of the tourists prefer renting houses instead of staying in hotels but the cost of renting is higher than that of lodges. Thus, if you are open to loosening your pockets, then you can rent a villa for your friends or family and if you are planning a honeymoon trip, then a private house will be best for you.


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