Sea of Zuwarah, Libya

General introduction of the Sea of Zuwarah, Libya

Sea of Zuwarah flows along the northern coast of Libya and consists of surfeit of marvellous beaches that are filled with golden sand. The water is clear and turquoise coloured which indicates that it has very less algae in it. All of these beaches are filled with palm trees, soft sand and sandy hills. Out of all the beaches, there are some that are considered as exclusive and these beaches fall on the eastern as well as the western coast of Zuwarah. Sea of Zuwarah attracts thousands of tourists from all corners of the world due to its spectacular beaches as well as fresh blue sea. The footfall of tourists over the past few decades has gradually fallen owing to tensions in the country but even then, tourists throng to the country especially to get a feel of the Sea of Zuwarah.


Awessu: Traditional worshipping of the sea

One of the chief reasons why you must visit the sea of Zuwarah is because of the traditional worship chore named Awessu. This is generally done according to Julian calendar between 12th July and 23rd August. If you go according to the Gregorian calendar, then it falls between 26th July and 5th September. Thus, most of the local folk consider August as an auspicious month since it falls in the time period according to both of the calendars and also, its name matches with that of Awessu to some extent. The main motive behind this worshipping lies in the fact that during this period of time, Libya always suffers a massive heat wave which is why people throng to the beaches alongside the sea of Zuwarah to relish and rejuvenate. People pray to the sea to take away their sins and make the start over once again. The faith drives surfeit of locals as well as tourists from all over the world to the beaches.

You can always visit and associate yourself with the Aussians’ festival that takes places on the shores of Lake Tritonis which flows nearby. This festival is celebrated to bring honour to the Goddess of Libya, Tannit. Libya and Tunisia are the two countries where Awessu is aesthetically celebrated by masses every year and the whole spectacle attracts thousands of visitors.


Activities that you can indulge in at Sea of Zuwarah

If you know swimming, then you are certainly going to enjoy in the Sea of Zuwarah as swimming in freshwater is an altogether different feeling. During certain festivals, people throng to the shores and many swimming races are conducted by local people. Furthermore, if you are a sailing aficionado, then this is the place to be as there are lots of sailing races that are being carried out in the sea of Zuwarah. You can join the local people in folk dancing and sing with them at the same time. Furthermore, during the festive season, you can gorge on plethora of traditional delicacies that are offered by the localities.


Accommodation near the Sea of Zuwarah, Libya

Owing to the fact that this is certainly one of the most visited places in Libya, the tourism industry of Zuwarah has grown leaps and bounds. Despite of tensions in the country, hundreds of hotels came up alongside the sea shore of Zuwarah with rooms available for all classes of people. You can easily get a sea-facing room for yourself and your family or your fiancé. After throwing your baggage in your room, you can straightaway change into trunks and go sunbathing at the beaches all of which are within walking distance.



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