St. Mary, Jamaica

Historical background

The smallest of Jamaica’s parishes is Saint Mary. St. Mary was the first section of this island that was captured by the Spaniards. When English captured this area, Puerto Santa Maria was known as St. Mary and the town was recognized as Port Maria. Puerto Santa Maria was the second town built by the Spaniards on the island. It is the place where James Bond Beach was featured. It is home to the Oracabessa Bay that was built to protect the marine ecosystem. The walls of this bay are covered with soft corals. These are home to lobsters, eels, crabs and other marine creatures.


Why visit

Jamaica’s marvelous beauty and cultural diversity give the tourists an unique experience. The culture and nature based tourism are often found and appreciated. Robin’s Bay and Portland parish offer the opportunity to meet and explore Jamaica. The green castle garden tour and tea is a personal garden of the Estate.This is an excellent tour. It also guides and entertains the tourists. The tours of green castle includes coastal hike to Black Sand Beach and Kwaamen Waterfall which is an adventure trek. The bamboo rafting in Rio de Grande includes stopover at Port Antonio. There are many historical churches and famous buildings of St. Mary. Green castle estate offers farm roads for birding, hiking, walking. One could also explore the plantations that are grown organically like cocoa, pimento and coconuts. The scenic beauty of the place pulls the tourists in Jamaica. Other than this, one may explore the Castleton gardens that cover an area of 12 acres connecting to Kingston to Annotto Bay. People can enjoy, relax and eat at the nearby restaurants that are situated all over the north coast. Robins Bay and Green castle offers the tourists little something to take back as souvenirs for the loved ones.


What not to miss

Tourism in Jamaica is excellent due to the history and cultural sites that one looks for. People can really enjoy seeing the stingrays, botanical gardens and great beaches.

  • Annotto Bay Baptist Church: The first Baptist Church in Saint Mary was built in the year 1824. It is believed that all the glass windows of the church was made and fitted by hand. It was damaged in the slave rebellion but then repaired again by the Jamaica National Trust Commission.
  • Claude Stuart Park: The Victoria Park in Port Maria was renamed in the honor of Claude Stuart as a former Member of Parliament for Saint Mary. There is also a monument in the honor of Tacky who was a rebel that led the slave rebellion.
  • Firefly: The English style cottage is set near the wide lawns on top of a hill with a stunning view of the coastline of Port Maria. It was former known as Lookout by the famous pirate captain who used it as a hideout for his drug escape.
  • James Bond Beach: This public beach has everything that visitors want. It is also home to Stingray city where one could watch staffs feeding the stingrays.



There are plenty of comfortable accommodation option for visitors of St. Mary – Jamaica ranging from luxurious hotels, well maintained houses and economical cabins to hostels, guest houses, White River Estates, Bread and Breakfast inns and camping options. Keeping in mind the taste and preference of tourists, the accommodation providers have diverse options with multitude of customized tour packages that fit into every budget. There are places available everywhere and the staffs are more than happy to help you with your room selections depending on the budget.


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